Content Marketing

With approximately 27 million pieces of content being shared daily it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. By creating authentic and bespoke content, tailored to your audiences’ interests, you can amplify your brand message whilst ensuring that you are increasing your SEO visibility and supporting your overarching digital strategy.
Regularly producing tip-top content is vital for any brand that wants to perform. Now, make no mistake, technical SEO is crucial to perform well online, but search engines today are ravenous for rich, shareable and search-friendly content, too. Brands that produce it, perform. Those that don’t, won’t (at least, not as well).
At KOLP, not only do we pride ourselves on our ability to create great content but, for us, it’s just the start of a journey. Our in-house experts leverage the content we create to secure reach, high quality follow-links and action. In short, we ensure that every possible ounce of value is extracted.

Putting Content Through The Prism

Every piece of content we create is refracted across multiple media channels — mainstream, social, blogger — for maximum impact online.
Data forms the backbone of every successful digital campaign. From great audience insights to granular keyword landscaping it’s crucial that you understand what content you should be creating and why. By informing the ideation process with data you remove the guesswork and give the content the best chance of success.
Digital content helps brands tell stories and curate experiences that people want to engage with and share. From corporate explainers to experiential prose, Found will create the right story, for the right audience.
Targeted PR and outreach of key content pieces accelerate and amplify their exposure. If you’re going to spend money and effort creating content, then make sure people are seeing it. Our outreach team works closely with the content team to connect the dots from beautiful content to exceptional exposure.
From copywriting and video to data-driven apps and micro sites, KOLP will create relevant, shareable, high-value content to suit a brand’s requirements.
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