Social Engagement & Promotion

Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

With the major social media channels continually evolving, and new ones emerging by the day, social ad spend — especially video, and, particularly, mobile — has gone supersonic.

Social media platforms are where people hang out and spend ever more time — and it’s where brands need to be. But here’s the catch. Social media is an individual’s space, that you’re not necessarily invited into. So you’ve got to figure out which space you’d like to be part of and how to put yourself there.

Get Paid Social right and the rewards are exceptional. Get it wrong and it can bite you on the backside. And then some. With Paid Social, striking the right balance is absolutely key.

Our Paid Social Expertise

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Linkedin Promotion
  • Instagram
  • Digital PR & Outreach

Working with us

With every Paid Social campaign, we start by determining which social media platforms are relevant to an individual brand and which aren’t: Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, Pinterest or Google+?

Each has its own tone and unique rules of engagement so what brands categorically shouldn’t do is hit every channel willy-nilly — and hope.

The next step is to confirm your goals: social engagement, brand awareness or a targeted number of sales?

We then create the content and ads that sit comfortably in each specific social media ecosystem: in social media, horses for courses has never been more important. The key is to blend in and be relevant, not stick out and interrupt.

The final step is to join the channels up to ensure a consistent message is being delivered wherever a brand’s customers are hanging out, and on whatever device — desktop or, increasingly, mobile. The best Paid Social campaigns are also formulated as part of a broader omni-channel digital marketing campaign embedded in our holistic approach.

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