Reputation Management

Reputation Management is vital to all businesses, especially in the online arena, where word of mouth is being replaced by customer reviews and feedback. Your business listing will appear alongside the reviews of customers, together with their star rating of your business and their experience. These reviews will be drawn from a wide range of sources, and not just Google.

Our Reputation Management service is designed to proactively manage the impression of your business, as judged by the comments and rating of your business by customers. In an ideal world, this would be a fairly simple process that would take care of itself, but the harsh reality is that the reviews and rating of your business can be unfairly skewed to your disadvantage by the distortionate influence of a single unhappy customer, and by dishonest fake reviews left by unscrupulous competitors.

The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavour to be what you desire to appear. – Socrates

KOLP takes a pragmatic, but ethical approach to Reputation Management. We do not believe in creating false reviews to try to balance out the comments of unscrupulous competitors, but we are rigourous in countering these false reviews, using processes approved and encouraged by the major search engines and review sites.

In the case of negative reviews left by a small number of customers (sometimes a single customer masquerading as several), we also adopt pragmatic but ethical steps to counter negative impressions, and to portray your local business in a fair and favourable manner.

Outside of reviews, we offer a social media and forum monitoring service to keep an eye on the reputation of your business in online forums and services such as Twitter and Facebook. We are happy to provide more details of this service upon request.

One of the simplest ways of monitoring reputations is to setup a Google Alert for your brand or business. If there is any mention of your business online, this is a sure fire way of picking up on this discussion.

Join the conversation whenever you find a discussion of your business. Be honest, accept criticism and be positive.

Take positive steps to control the conversation. Use SEO to control what appears on the first three pages of search results. Use social networks to control the discussion in these domains.

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