Data & Analytics

Where digital marketers differ, often significantly, is in the way they use data (that’s if they use it at all). At KOLP, as Google Analytics Certified Partners, advanced data analytics and next-generation AI are embedded in everything we do. Hell, bytes are in our bones. And they have to be.
The web is the ever-shifting landscape of trillions of potential touch points between brands and their customers. Think of it as a vast digital plain where savvy brands mine data to deliver the right message to their customers at the right time. Without data, insight is impossible.

Our Analytics Expertise


KOLP can work with you to help define the optimal way to collect, process and analyse your data. Placing you in the best position to draw actionable business insights from your data.

Implementation & Measurement

Whether it’s implementing Google Tag Manager or establishing the best way to measure the impact of a multi-channel campaign, KOLP can help you get it all set up.

Data Visualisation

Bespoke dashboards can be built to visualise the metrics you need to track. Draw in data from multiple data sources in real-time, giving your team access to exactly what is relevant to them.

Customer Insights

Understanding your customer base, where they spend time, what they view and what channels encouraged them there is key to any successful campaign. KOLP can draw this together for you.

Attribution & Measurement

Digital enlightenment comes from measuring and understanding your channels. The last click model is no longer sufficient as a standalone; by understanding where and what contribution each channel played in the conversion journey, you’ll be one step closer to digital nirvana.

Working with us

Performing well online is no longer just science, it’s art — swashbuckling content as much as technical analysis. But science is where it starts. And by science we mean data.

Data. Online is positively awash with the stuff. And it’s growing at a crazy rate. By 2020 it’s estimated there’ll be 44 trillion gigabytes of data dancing a merry jig online. And that, for brands, is the problem: their customers, and their customers’ buying intentions, are lost in the stuff.

At least they were. At KOLP, once we’ve audited and assessed your entire digital asset base, we turn on our mind-blowingly complex data analytics and AI engine to help brands find and accompany customers as they frisk and frolic online.

The result? We empower our clients to deliver the right marketing message to their customers for each specific online moment. We’re able to nurture those not yet ready to convert, convert them when they are, and always recognise them when they return.

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