Strategic Alliances and Acquisitions

Our Strategic Alliances capability provides clients with a range of advisory and transaction services allowing them to optimise the value of their business, in several key categories.

Joint Ventures

We identify Joint Venture possibilities as part of a holistic business development strategic plan. We identify potential JV partners and structure JV agreements. Throughout the process, we take a pro-active hands-on role, guiding the process through to a successful agreement.

Once the ink is dry, we continue our pro-active role, implementing the necessary measures on our clients site, monitoring the performance of the other parties and reporting on the bottom line contribution of the agreement.

Affiliate Marketing

We identify suitable Affiliate Marketing opportunities and implement the necessary back-end modifications for the programme. We then recruit, screen and monitor Affiliate Marketing partners.

We work pro-actively with affiliates, providing content and advice, while pruning the non-performing partners and constantly scanning for non-compliant traffic.

Business Acquisition

We work with your internal or external corporate advisory team to identify suitable acquisition targets.

We advise on the implementation within the context of adopted strategy and deliver modifications to the strategy, based on the impact and potential of the new acquisition. We are with you from concept to negotiation and acquisition.

Post acquisition, we work on the integration of the new business and continue to report on the bottom line contribution of the acquisition.

Domain Acquisition

We act as a discrete intermediary for domain name acquisitions.

Throughout the process, our client is shielded. We manage the escrow payment process, and make the necessary structural changes to the domain and its website, post acquisition.

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