Online Display Advertising

The Best way To Predict The Future Is To Create It.

For brands to extract maximum value from their marketing efforts, and deliver the right message to their prospective customers at the right time, it requires a level of real-time data analysis that our little old brains can’t simply perform alone. Enter machine learning.

Enter Programmatic Display.

Programmatic Display is a smarter, more effective way of reaching prospective customers, at a good ROI. Gone are the days of impression-buying, display and hope budgets. These are the days of measurable, accountable visual ads. At KOLP, we ensure we have an in-depth understanding of your target audience profile and then identify the best strategies and partners to reach highly targeted prospects, on a personal level.

OUR Display Expertise

  • Deterministic retargeting
  • Probabilistic prospecting
  • Digital TV (sky adsmart)
  • Native advertising

Working with us

Programmatic display is all about data. Analysing the stuff, understanding it and then acting upon it to continually communicate with prospective customers through multiple channels in the most optimal way possible. That, of course, and massively improving campaign ROI.

At KOLP, you’ll be glad to hear, we have the robust data analytics, AI engine and fantastic programmatic partners to do all of this. We really drill down into the granular detail of your customers’ lives and interact with them like never before, in a non-creepy way, of course.

Through a combination of deterministic and probabilistic retargeting, native advertising and Sky AdSmart, we’re able to deliver a joined-up and always-on strategy for delivering specific messages to prospective customers at the right times, accompanying them on their journey to conversion.

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